Tritone: A Center for Musical Exploration


tri┬Ětone (trtn) n. music-An interval composed of three whole tones.
adj. An individual, social or exploratory musical experience in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Hi! Welcome to Tritone. A Center for Musical Exploration

We offer Individual lessons and Musical Experiences on Piano, Synth, Guitar, Bass and Voice including:

Classical, Jazz and Rock Piano
Rock, Folk and Jazz Guitar
Rock and Jazz Bass
Rock and Pop Voice
Programming keyboard synths and drum machines
Theory/Composition: Understanding your instrument, how music works
Songwriting: Explore chord relationships, intervals, harmonies, lyric writing

We also offer Musical Experiences!
Guitar Setup: How to String, Tune, Set Intonation and perform Basic Maintenance on your Axe.
I’ve always wanted to try…: Exploring new instruments- facing the unknown
Let’s form a band!: Exploring new instruments with your friends! (a 3 hour workshop with 2-4 people who want to learn together)

We cater chiefly to adults, and also welcome well-mannered children who are excited about music.