Tritone: A Center for Musical Exploration


tri┬Ětone (trtn) n. Music-An interval composed of three whole tones.
adj. An individual, social or exploratory musical experience in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Hi ! Welcome to Tritone. A Center for Musical Exploration

We offer Individual lessons on Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums and Voice including:
Rock and Jazz Drumming
Rock and Jazz Guitar
Rock and Jazz Bass
Rock, Classical and Musical Theater Voice
2 finger tap technique for Bass and Guitar
Classical, Jazz and Rock Piano
Synthesis (Programming)


We invite you to participate in our Workshops!
Coming Soon:
“Guitar Setup” How to String, Tune, Set Intonation and perform Basic Maintenance on your Axe.
“Songwriting” Explore chord relationships, intervals, harmonies, lyric writing.


We inspire your children to musical creativity and bravery. In individual or family lessons.
Open to Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced Students ages 7 to 97.
Learn to play songs you’ll never get sick of singing together!