Tritone: A Center for Musical Exploration


“After studying music theory ( which kinda makes my head spin) and piano, to help me write my music, from 3 different teachers I finally realized why I wasn’t getting anywhere and starting becoming bored…..I NEEDED MAX!!
I took a chance and called after seeing a flier for TRITONE and it’s been the best decision I’ve made concerning my music training. I get excited to practice, I’m finally able to put the pieces together where I felt lost before, and I cant wait for my next lesson. Max is such a sweetheart and really knows his stuff, he has made learning for me a MAGICAL experience. So Inspiring, he challenges you but doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Throughout the week he touches base with me to see how I’m coming along and is always available to answer questions over the phone between lessons…WHAT???”

“Max made a great impression on me right away. I was looking to get my boyfriend piano lessons for his birthday, and came across Tritone due to the great reviews it received. I called and spoke to Max, who was very accommodating with dates and times, and still is. He had us both in for a trial lesson. The studio is cozy and filled with instruments and recording gear. Watching his interactions, it jumped out to me how passionate yet patient he was about teaching. Max really wants you to get the most from your sessions, so he’ll ask you what you want to focus on during your lessons. I think Max’s successes with his own musical endeavors contribute to his vigor and strength as a teacher. What a great guy!”

“I’ve had many music teachers over the years who are capable and competent, but none come as close to Max in terms of passion, creativity, and overall awesomeness. Many other teachers simply teach theory in a boring, technical way, from songs that THEY like. (Guitar lessons I’ve taken resulted in learning a lot of Joey Satriani licks, which while I can appreciate, I would never listen to or want to play myself.) Max teaches the theory but brings it to life through songwriting ideas, and rather than teach me songs I have no interest in learning, he wants to teach me what I want to know, what moves me, which I think is important. I don’t want to be a guitar god or a piano maestro; I just want to write good songs and have the wherewithal to get creative wherever I like. With Max, he’s been giving me just the tools I need, and explains them in an easy, accessible, relatable way. He’s fun, encouraging, extremely kind, and best of all, he assesses where I’m at musically and customizes lesson plans around me, rather than attempt to go by some typical teaching formula that would be dry and uninspired. Plus his studio space is really cool and comfortable. I don’t feel like his business is about churning out musical crap just to turn a profit; he’s genuinely interested in giving and inspiring people with the tools to take their music to the next level, regardless of style. He’s also a teacher I could grab a beer with and talk shop about anything. Sounds silly, but I like working with people that I would WANT to hang out with apart from our lessons. This is music, after all– we should have fun while making it. And I’m having a blast!”

“I recently started piano lesson with Max and I’ve had an excellent experience. I’m an adult that’s never played an instrument in my life and he’s completely comfortable going through the very beginning concepts of music and making it easily digestible for a novice. He also incorporates learning music mentally and playing physically right from the beginning which makes the pace feel fast and enjoyable. I’ve already learned a ton from just a few lessons and I look forward to continuing on! Lastly I have to mention how patient and encouraging Max is. Not only is he a really great teacher but he’s very personable and positive! I would highly recommend Max to anyone I know looking to improve their music skills.”

“I was looking to start playing drums again after a 15 year hiatus and was nervous about it – because of how bad I became. After researching online, I found Max’s studio and he was so nice over email, I was really looking forward to the experience. I met with Guy, the drum teacher there, who was also so nice and positive about my skill level (or lack thereof…)
Guy wanted to know my history of playing thoroughly and then based the way he teaches me off of that, along with what I want to become stronger at and learn. He has been extremely patient with me and my near-breakdowns when I can’t play something that I knew I could when I was ages younger! (Oh, the frustration!)
I can’t really say enough good things about the studio and Max and Guy. They are both extremely nice, funny, laid back and make it easy to learn again.”